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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) :


   Question:   Can I get concession from the listed hotels?
   Answar:        Rate given is in concession

   Question:   How to contact the organizer?
   Answar:        You can go to contact and fill up the online forms given. We will reply by next 24 hrs.

   Question:   I am unable to fill abstract form directly ?
   Answar:        You need to register first as New User and then go to log in using user ID & PW

   Question:   Whether my article will be published ?
   Answar:        We will publish special issue of our journals

   Question:   Should I pay further for the publication of article?
   Answar:        No

   Question:   Should I get information before publication?
   Answar:        Yes, article will be published after reviewing.

   Question:   Can I get published paper during conference?
   Answar:        Tentatively.

   Question:   Is it mandatory to choose hotel from your list given?
   Answar:        Not at all. You can choose of your own