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Past Conference Details :



The conference on Bio-resource and Stress Management is first of its’ kind in the World. The first ever International Conference on Bio-resource and Stress Management was successfully organized in collaboration with our technical partner Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres (CRIJAF), Barrackpore, West Bengal and publishing partner Puspa Publishing house (Kolkata), at Science City, Kolkata, India during 6th to 9th Feb 2013, with a view to address the present day need for food and nutritional security under ever increasing abiotic and biotic stresses.  The conference has covered different areas detailed below

1.  Bio-resources

·  Bio-resources, its utilization and processing

·  Biodiversity, endangered and endemic species

·  Traditional knowledge, primitive innovative technology, unused and under-utilized methods or tools, recovery of ethnic knowledge

·  Microbial diversity

·  Crop and soil management

·  Diversification and globalizationof agriculture, conservation agriculture

·  Climate change; soil, water, environmental pollution as well as atmospheric crisis; population pressure

2.  Stress Management

·  Green Technology, Nano-technology, Bio-fortification,

·  Genetic Engineering and Biotechnological tools for bio-resource and stress management

·  Remote sensing and GIS applications

·  Biotic and abiotic stress on plant, microbial lives and its man­agement and other topics related to bio-resources and stress management

In the first conference 398 participants from diverse fields of agriculture, scientists from ICAR institutes, faculty and research scholars from central and state Agricultural Universities (SAUs), industry, central and state governments across the country. The conference was also attended by number of foreign participants mainly from USA, Mexico, Bangladesh, Iran and Nigeria.  A compendium of abstracts and souvenir were also prepared and released on this auspicious occasion.


The Second International Conference on Bio-resource and Stress Management 2015 was organized by Professor JayashankarTelangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) at its’ University Auditorium, Hyderabad in collaboration with Ratikanta Maiti Foundation, Kolkata and Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad during 7-10th Jan, 2015.

The conference was conducted with a view to improve the awareness of scientists and research scholars regarding need for conservation of bio-resource (flora and fauna, biodiversity) and management of stresses resulting from deterioration of soil health and quality, pollution of environment, changing climate  due to abnormalities in weather related factors, insect-pests and diseases; understanding the socio-economic factors responsible for backwardness of farmers and finally transferring the modern and innovative agro-technologies to the needy farmers. Hence, the conference aimed at discussing 6 vital issues related to agriculture sector viz., Natural Resources Management, Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture, Stress Management, Post-harvest Technology, Socio-economic and Institutional Factors and Transfer of Technology.

On 7-1-2015, Dr Laxman Singh Rathore, Director General, India Meteorological Department, New Delhi was the Chief Guest for Inaugural Function. Besides, Dr A. Padma Raju, Vice Chancellor, ANGRAU, Dr V. Praveen Rao, Special Officer and Registrar of PJTSAU, Dr T.V.K. Singh, Dean of PJTSAU and Convener, 2nd ICBSM, Dr N.S. Sarkar, Co-convener of 2nd ICBSM and other university officers of PJTSAU, ANGRAU and other Agricultural Universities in India, Project Directors of various ICAR institutes (Dr K.S. Vara Prasad from DOR, Hyderabad, Dr K.R. Kranti from CICR, Nagpur, Dr C. Chattopadhyay from NCIPM, New Delhi, Dr A.R. Sharma from DWR, Jabalpur) and galaxy of scientists have participated in the conference. 

Dr Laxman Singh Rathore, DG, IMD, New Delhi, the Chief Guest for Inaugural Function, 2nd ICBSM while delivering key note address, expressed concern over burgeoning population, fragmentation of land holdings, depletion and erosion of natural resources and their adverse effect on agricultural productivity on one hand, increasing demand for land from many non-farm sectors like mining, tourism, oil exploration and industries which is likely to place additional pressure on the availability of arable land in the years to come on the other hand.

Dr A. Padma Raju, Vice Chancellor, ANGRAU has emphasized on the need for protecting the soil health and quality in this era of climate change and pollution. Dr V. Praveen Rao, Special Officer and Registrar of PJTSAU has highlighted the need for making Agriculture a profitable enterprise and also narrated the government sponsored programmes in the newly formed Telangana state. Dr T.V.K. Singh, Dean of PJTSAU and Convener, 2nd ICBSM told the importance of conducting this International conference.

About 700 delegates including scientists, research scholars and post graduate students have participated in the conference. On this auspicious occasion, ‘COMPENDIUM OF ABSTRACTS’ which contains 980 abstracts contributed by participants and ‘SOUVENIR’ which includes lead papers presented by eminent speakers on various thematic areas were published and released during Inaugural Function. Two text books published by Puspa publishing house, Kolkata viz., Applied Botany authored by R.K. Maiti, Humberto G. Rodriguez, Ashok K. Thakur and N.C. Sarkar & Advances in Agro-Technology Vol-2 authored by Humberto G. Rodriguez, N.C. Sarkar, A.V. Ramanjaneyulu and R.K. Maiti were released on the hands of dignitaries on the dias during inaugural function on 07-01-2015.

A total of 41 lead papers (Natural resources management-16, Stress Management-15, Climate Change-04, Extension and support services-02, Socio-economic and institutional factors-02, Post harvest management-02), 291 oral presentations (Natural resources management-126, Stress Management-70, Climate Change-44, Extension and support services-09, Socio-economic and institutional factors-17, Post harvest management-25) and 115 poster presentations (Natural resources management-64, Stress Management-42, Climate Change+Extension and support services+Socio-economic and institutional factors+Post harvest management-09) were made.

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states together contributed highest no. of abstracts 322, Maharashtra 224, Karnataka 80, West Bengal 47, Uttar Pradesh 43, Himachal Pradesh 39, Tamil Nadu 27, Rajasthan 28, Gujarat and Chattisgarh 21 each, Haryana 17, Nagaland 16, Delhi 15, J & K 14, Odisha 11, Kerala 10, Madhya Pradesh 09, Sikkim 08, Assam and Uttarakhand 05 each, Manipur 04, Meghalaya and Mizoram 2 each, Arunachal Pradesh and Bihar and Jharkhand 01 each. Few abstracts from Mexico, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Philippines and Cameron were also included.

Theme and sub-theme wise Oral and poster and poster presentations were made from the afternoon of 7-1-15 to forenoon of 9-1-15 by conducing various concurrent sessions and the same were evaluated by subject matter specialists.

On the last day i.e., afternoon of 09-01-15, Valedictory function was conducted in the University Auditorium, PJTSAU, Hyderabad. Dr D. Rama Rao, Director, NAARM (National Academy of Agricultural Research Management) participated as Chief Guest. While addressing the galaxy of scientists, he stressed on the need for protecting the soil health and quality, management of natural resources, human resource development and societal responsibility for upliftment of mankind. Dr P. Narayan Reddy, Chairman of Technical sessions and Dr V. Krishna Rao, Chairman of Poster sessions have presented a brief report on the oral and poster presentations, respectively. The Best Oral/Best Poster presentations awards and Young Scientist awards (listed below) were presented to the awardees on the hands of Chief Guest.